A series of happy accidents; comes together beautifully.

//into a tale of the death of hope in space.

proud to present:

our split “single” with mighty dronelords STUPID COSMONAUT!

(if yr one of the tragically unhip to have just uttered “who?” under yr breath; see here and absorb:

You can grab it from either bands sexy bandcampings

Full credits and props to STUPID STEVE; the real reason this sounds so fucking sweet as a whole is his stellar mastering job. =D

yes, that was a pun.

Dig it.



“WOW IS DEAD”, album #08 OUT NOW!


remember ‘That bloody WarCraft album’ that weev been wittering aboot since, oh, pretty much since we decided to come out to the world as a band? well it’s done and released. yeah, weer pretty surprised too…


“WOW IS DEAD” is album #8 and you can get it here:

weer releasing this one as CHARITYWARE.

here’s a copy of the email we just sent to all our press & radio pals; bcoz infodump and we thought yood get a kick out of it:


The time has come; the BURNING LEGION is here! Kingdoms will burn; heroes will fall; a world will perish!


back IRL we just dropped GALLUS album number 08;


yooz can get it here for free:

however, weer releasing this one as CHARITYWARE.


artist: Boobs of DOOM

title: WOW IS DEAD

runtime: 70:47


          1. D(((O)))(((O)))MHAMMER (20:10)
          2. The Ice Stone has melted! (03:57)
          3. Tinker Town vs, the Goblin Slums (05:43)
          4. Green Jesus Voodoo Warchief (11:32)
          5. {◕ ◡ ◕} tHE sHA OF hAPPYNESS (09:23)
          6. Bramblescar, Mankrik’s Fury Unending (08:42)
          7. Peacebloom (11:21)

format: Bandcamp Digital Download Only

blurb: True story, Bro: Boobs of DOOM (pronounced “D(((O)))(((O)))M.”) is two humans, Sadsack and Thumper, plus their demoniacally possessed TB-303, Muta.

Sadsack and Thumper met online playing World of WarCraft.
One day, while chatting on guild VOIP, they realised that, not only did they click musically, they were both arthritic old whores of the Glasgow music scene whom, many times over the years, had passed like mad steamers in the night. They took it upon themselves to meet up IRL and make strange music together.
How Strange.
So, essentially, if it wasn’t for WoW, there would be no Boobs of DOOM.”

confused? here’s a quick FAQ to help yeez out…

Q. who are you again?

A. weer Boobs of DOOM; the ELECTRODOOM duo from SCOTLAND, consisting of disabled World of WarCraft obsessed misanthrope multi-instrumentalists SADSACK and THUMPER.

Q. is this a joke?

A. nope. This is actually the most serious weev ever been. This album has been three years in the making and is a deeply personal concept album about GRIEF, MENTAL ILLNESS, ANGER, ANHEDONIA and ESCAPISM in our digital age. Bizarrely, it is also our love-letter to our favourite game the MMORPG WORLD OF WARCRAFT by BLIZZARD entertainment.


A. it’s where a property is released for FREE, but with the encouraging proviso that you donate something to a GOOD CAUSE. Our suggested causes are:

  • GIFT (Gastroparesis & Intestinal Failure Trust) UK: coz THMUPER was recently diagnosed with GASTROPARESIS and its pure baws and not enough peeps know about it.

  • The Scottish Association for Mental Health: coz they’ve been dead helpful to both of us at various low points in our lives.

  • PDSA (Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals): coz weer both pet lovers and they’ve healed our kitties.

  • Children’s Hospital of Orange County: a tip of the hat to BLIZZARD; this is their local patronage charity.

  • Make a Wish: coz we like what they do. So does BLIZZ

peeps can also pay-what-you-want on oor Bandcamp to help support our continuing musical catharsis.

Q. what’s with that title?

A. It’s an ironic statement on the amusing interminable claims buy naysayers in the WOW community that the game is on its last legs every other month or so (it’s still going strong after 10+ years btw). It is also a play on words regarding anhedonia and the death of awe. cheery, innit?

Q. gosh! I am entranced and intrigued by these new strange sounds; how can I learn more?

A. check out Boobs of DOOM on thee INTERWUBS and SOSHUL MEEJA ;..

thanks for getting this far; well done. If you have any proper questions, interview requests or need any press bumph geez a holler.

weer away back to playing WOW, and dying slowly. Cheers!


Everyone feel free to spread this one around like a veneareal mimetic eschaton disease. ye have our blessing to play it, host it, stream it, give it away, review it, ignore it, whatever the hell ye like! It’s released under CREATIVE COMMONS 3.0, so go nuts. Just include the CHARITYWARE readme file somehow, PLEASE!

hope yeez like it. we do.

anyhoo, weer off to hospital and/or saving Azeroth from the BURNING LEGION ….again!




“The Brahan Seer” mixtape for TOTALLY BIASED

Boobs of DOOM Present - The Brahan Seer Tape for TOTALLY BIASED cover.png

Second shovel of groovy guff to hog yr ears in one special day that we’re calling



Here is “The Brahan Seer: Forbidden Knowledge” mixtape we did for Totally Biased:

Ful traacklist with links:

  1. (in)
  2. Scientist – Ten Dangerous Matches #1 from ‘Scientist Wins the World Cup’ 1982.
  3. Gazelle Twin – Anti Body From ‘UNFLESH’ 2014.
  4. Jackie Lynn – Alien Love from ‘Jackie Lynn’ 2016.
  5. Throw Down Bones – Exposure from ‘Throw Down Bones’ 2016.
  6. TORPOR – As Waves Crash from ‘From nothing Comes Everything’ 2015.
  7. The Body – Hail to Thee, Everlasting Pain from ‘I Shall Die Here’ 2014.
  8. Old Witch – The Frost and the Tyrant from ‘Come Mourning Come’ 2013.
  9. Clark – Bricks.from ‘Clarence Park’ 2001
  10. Carpenter Brut – Escape from Midwich Village from ‘TRILOGY’ 2016.
  11. Damn Teeth – Rubbed Out from ‘Damn Teeth’ 2015.
  12. Pryapisme – In The Red (Ulver Cover, fuck knows; can’t remember where we got this…)
  13. Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt – Cease from ‘Accord/Dance’ 2016.
  14. Boobs of DOOM – Tinkertown vs. The Goblin Slums from ‘WOW IS DEAD.’ 2016 (Totally Biased exclusive)
  15. UNKLE – Restless from ‘War Stories’ 2007.
  16. I:Cube – 118 (D(((O)))(((O)))Msounds Help Ma Boab Dub) from ‘Cubo Rhythm Trax’ 2014
  17. Gesaffelstein – Pursuit from ‘Aleph’ 2013.
  18. Abest – Grau from ‘Asylum’ 2013.
  19. (out)

Damn if we don’t love doing mixtapes! =D



“BEAST NIGHT” mixtape exclusive for THE WIRE


Listen to our exclusive  “BEAST NIGHT” mixtape that we did for THE WIRE mag’s website!

We had a lot of fun making this. =)

Full tracklist with links:

  1. (intro…)


  2. HEALTH – “Perfect Skin”

    from ‘Health’ 2007

  3. Massive Attack – “Superpredators (Mad Professor Dub)”

    ‘Risingson’ 1997.

  4. Kestrol – “Ixtoc 1”

    ‘Black Gold’ 2014

  5. Protomartyr – “Tarpeian Rock”

    Under Color of Official Right”

  6. Beats Antique – “The Approach”

    ‘A Thousand Faces: Act I’ 2014

  7. Beastwars – “Witches”

    ‘The Death of Everything’ 2016

  8. William S. Burroughs and the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprasy – “The Last Words of Dutch Shultz (This is Insane)”

    ‘Spare Ass Annie and other tales’ 1993

    (fuck knows, google it…)

  9. Folk Implosion – “Natural One (UNKLE mix)”

    ‘Natural One’ 1995

  10. Snowbeasts – “Knives”

    ‘Instincts’ 2016.

  11. FVNERALS – “The Hours”

    ‘The Hours’ 2013

  12. Sonance – “Like Ghosts (excerpt)”

    ‘Like Ghosts’ 2012

  13. Khanate – “Pieces of Quiet”

    ‘Khanate’ 2001

  14. Red Snapper – “Crusoe Takes a Trip”

    ‘Prince Blimey’ 1996

  15. Rainer Trüby Trio – “Donaueschingen (Pete Kruder mix)”

    ‘Kruder and Dorfmeister: The K&D Sessions’ 1998

  16. The Living Tribunal – “Untitled 10”

    ‘Doom-Hop Beat Tape’ 2013

  17. Mouth of the Architect – “A Beautiful Corpse”

    ‘Quietly’ 2008

  18. Gasp – “Soaked in Pish”

    ‘Fear and Self-Loathing in Glasvegas’ 2016

  19. L’Enfant de la Forét – “Amidst the Wolves”

    ‘ABRAXAS’ 2015

  20. Static Goat – “Signe de la Fin”

    ‘Signs of the End’ 2016

  21. Horseback – “Luciferian Theme”

    ‘A Plague of Knowing’ 2013

  22. Demonic Possessor – “Burrower”

    ‘Porous Chambers’ 2014

    Telepath – “The Deluge”

    ‘Sonus Gravis’ 2015

  23. Easy Star All Stars – “Paranoid Android”

    ‘Radiodread’ 2006

  24. Equiknoxx – “Lizard of Oz”

    ‘Bird Sound Power’ 2016

  25. Mr. Oizo – “Pourriture2”

    ‘Lambs Anger’ 2008

  26. Gestaffelstein – “Opr”

    from ‘Conspiracy Pt. II’ 2011.

  27. Zenith Myth – “Manitou”

    ‘Zenith Myth’ 2013

    Swans – “Failure”

    ‘White Light from the Mouth of Infinity’ 1991

  28. Boobs of DOOM – “Peacebloom” (WIRE EXCLUSIVE)

    ‘WOW IS DEAD’ 2016

    Miles Davis – “In a Silent Way”

    ‘In a Silent Way’ 1969

  29. Teeth of the Sea – “Black Strategy”

    ‘MASTER’ 2013

  30. The Body – “Two Snakes”

    ‘No One Deserves Happiness’ 2016

  31. JK FLESH – “Hide & Seek”

    ‘Nothing is Free’ 2016

  32. OPPOLO – “Rising”

    ‘Stone Tapes’ 2015

    YOB – “Marrow”

    ‘Clearing the Path to Ascend’ 2014

    ///(end titles)\\\

  33. Lovage – “To Catch a Thief”

    ‘Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By’ 2001

  34. Fugazi – “No Surprise”

    ‘End Hits’ 1998

  35. St-Petersbourg – “L’effondrement”

    ‘EP’ 2014


“Two turntables and a sampler, bitches!”



(((WHITE NOISE review in WIRE mag)))


Typical. We do a reviews round-up and we miss this by a gnat’s chuff.

Issue 392 of The WIRE has an awesome review of (((WHITE NOISE))) by Neil Kulkarni on page 48. Here’s a choice quote that made us grin:

“Liquid Dinosaurs” lumbers on a fabulous hollowed out thrum of slo-mo trap-funk, piles on the doom riffs and makes no attempt to make the two elements fit together, rather the effect is like hearing a battle between soundscapes that only gets resolved by your brain accepting that the oddity WORKS and being able to accept the battle itself as an entirely new genre (let’s call it DANK).


To read the full review go buy it here:

In other news: weer gearing up to unleash album #8 soon™; our infamous love-letter to World of WarCraft. Weer dead proud of this one and can’t wait to share it with everyone!

Now, weer away to buy new hats coz our heads are all bloaty and smug… =P



(((WHITE NOISE))) Reviews Round-Up & Stuffs!


You love us, it seems…

Snippets, below, from the overwhelmingly positive and beautifully verbose reviews that (((WHITE NOISE))) received ( click the links to go read them in full)…

” There’s an ominous feel to these tunes, and they can do that rare thing where nature and technology clash and form a weird kind of hybrid cyborg.”

“Real Dirty, Real Metalic sounding electronica …you should deffinately check them out…”

“… there is definitely a higher level of finesse to these compositions than I often hear in the drone genre. The band experiments quite successfully with a number of tones from the serene to the truly strange.”

“(((WHITE NOISE))) shows them not slowing down in the slightest. The Prog marquee facets a great many styles under its massive heading and these two have comfortably and not numbly found their place in the little corner of Technical-Doom-Scot-Post-Rock-Prog-Electronica-Industrial-Something-or-Other department.”

“…maneuvers around ambient noisy doom drone. Trippy, atmospheric and nodding to every genre with post written before it.”

“It feels as if the band are almost scared of putting too honest a face on things, so treat it as something of a joke, not wanting to risk any over-sincerity or emotional bloodletting; which is really frustrating, as what they’ve offered is so very, very good. If you can look past the presentation though, you’ll find a very special duo here, making some bleak, yet beautiful music that I more than recommend.”

“…the output of Glasgow male-female duo is remarkably focused and consistently impressive.”

“…What surprises most is that the duo seems to be completely at ease in this chaos..(tr. ITALIA).”

“…darkness, intimidation and warmth are on the agenda of this delectable seventh album. it happens also that drones vanish very briefly to calm down a possible addiction to this greasy sound.”

We also want to shout out to all these radio peeps:

Full Metal Hipster

The Séance

Adventures in Sound and Music

Geoff Leppard @ Atom Heart Mutha

The Concept




Planet of Sound

…who gave us a spin on their shows!

From the dank abyss of our wee black hearts: Thank you, everyone! (((WHITE NOISE))) has been a pure raging success as far as we’re concerned and you peeps are mostly responsible. =D

We are really happy that peeps are not just digging our music, but actually raving aboot it! Our E-peens are positively throbbing. teehee.

Give us a shout if ye see something we’ve missed, Cheers!