We do all our own artwork. Aren’t we awesome?

We do T-shirt/album bundles available here, by the way.

But we also have a page on the Redbubble ‘print-on-demand’ website where you can grab an assortment of Boobs of DOOM band t-shirts and hoodies.

Redbubble also do a range of slightly bonkers stuff like pencil skirts, notebooks, phone cases, bags, pillowcases, stickers, and leggings. We enable nearly all the purchase options so you can go nuts if you really want. It’s a bit pricey for our liking but it does fit with the ‘free-to-use’ ethos we started out with, even if we only make a couple of quid off each sale.

Here’s a few examples of what we’ve done so far.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check out our profile page here.

If you know of, or are, a cool small independent merch company doing stuff like small runs of t-shirts, hoodies, patches and badges at a decent price , feel free to spam us with yr info. As ever we’d rather champion the little guy, ta.

** *

Aaaaaand sometimes we make really bad music videos too…

You can ‘watch’ nearly our whole output on our YouTube channel found here, with playlists for each album (or stealing really shitty mp3’s via some site like this. LOL!)


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