Mythical superfans: if you want to throw money at, um, support our endevours: may we politely refer you to our Bandcamp page, where you can ‘Pay-Whit-Ye-Want‘ for our stuff safely online.

We are deeply humbled that anyone has imparted with evil realcashmonies for our art.

Thank you so much.

 It funds our future. srsly.

sadsackthumper002LOGO copy

Thyngs to consider:

  • We’d love to see our albums on some cool looking real world vinyl, CD, or cassette. Hullo, wee indie labels, you beautiful bastards!
  • We’re always on the look-out for good band merch deals: t-shirts / badges / posters / patches / etc. If yr in a band and have a top tip, or you run a cool wee merch co. sling us a line.
  • We’d be well interested in doing a creepy soundtrack for, or hearing our music in,  a short film or indie.
  • Similarly, if you need a soundtrack for yr indie videogame: /wave (we really loved stuff like SOMA, Leviathan: The Old City, LIMBO, The Blackwell Series, etc. (yes, we play games other than World of WarCraft).
  • We can do remixes if yr interested. All we need is yr stems.
  • We prefer to support the wee indie peeps, wherever you are! =D
  • We love a bit o’ banter.

So, get in touch with us. Ask Us Anything.

We love stupit questions!

also hatemail / adoration / freebies / press enq. :

Spamming Cunts Pay heed; we are 2 disabled adults, erm, starving artists, yeah? We are running a band DIY-style from a flat in Glasgow, and we can’t tour.

We don’t have any money. Haha.

Don’t be a dick.

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