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Techambient Metal.

Carnival Punk.

///Boobs of DOOM is Sadsack MacDoom and Thumper; a weird morbid misanthropic musical duo from Glasgow, Scotland; obssesed with World of WarCraft, and endeavoring to “soundtrack the end of the world” using stoopid-computers, rusty guitars and an ageing wonky TB-303 called Muta.

In practice this sounds like an unholy downtempo hip-hop/post-anything heavy metal stoner mash-up with droning guitar, retro synths, squiggly dub noises, and occasionally, an ancient smokey horn section from hell. It is slow, pretty, brutal, mellow, ugly and absurd; often within the same song.

“It’s like Portishead having an argument with Mogwai at a Sunn O))) concert…

– Dr. Confidence

We call it ‘Doom-hop Grimmrokk‘.

sadsackthumper001 LOGO copy

///We met online playing World of WarCraft together, around 2008, when Thumper joined Sadsack‘s guild. We quickly recognised kindred spirits and, through a mutual affinity for big girls, crazy videos games, weird music, oddball comics and a morbidly absurd sense of humour, a good friendship grew. Subsequently, while chatting on teamspeak, we realised that, not only did we click musically, but we were also both drug-addled old whores of the Glasgow music scene whom, many times over the years, had passed like mad steamers in the night. Oh, how we LOLed. Eventually, filesharing (and the fact that we were only about 11 miles apart in real life) led to meeting up and enjoying many hazy confabs crowded round a tiny monitor into the wee hours. This led to an ever-evolving fruitful musical kinship and, despite the odds, a band materialized.

“..a very special blend of dirty Electrodoom ear violence.”

– Geoff Leppard, Atom Heart Mutha

///Boobs of DOOM only exist on the internet. This is because we are both disabled:  Sadsack has a lovely bone disease and Thumper is a certified mental. We can’t play our instruments for shit and we barely leave the house anyway. Don’t expect to see us on tour any time soon. Sorry. Maybe you could coax Sadsack out to deejay by waving a big bag of weed under his nose, kicking his walking stick out from under, and chucking him in the back of a van. LOL! (leave the weed with him tho, ffs …!) Hell, we would love to tour the world with a 16 piece live band and  fire-breathing dancing girls in a life size replica of Howl’s Moving Castle, but somehow, we just don’t see the government hand-outs facilitating this lifestyle …not under the Tories anyway…

“Turn it off. Please. It’s making me want to cry…”

– Azhulinio


///For medicinal and recreational reasons Boobs of DOOM smoke cannabis. Sadly, this is more for medical than recreation as the years have gone by. We can both attest to the staggering mental health and pain relief positives. Not saying this has an influence on our music but the ‘taking-drugs-to-make-music-to-take-drugs-to‘ thing may have some resonance. Tee hee. Oh, and we listen to a lot of music labeled “stoner”. We are both vehement advocates for the legalisation of cannabis for sale and usage.

///We believe Scotland should be an independent country. Mostly to sever ties with the vulgar con-job atrocity shop that is The Westmonster and the sub-human Filth who reign from atop the shite-pile in the city-state of London wielding the British Bias Corp. propaganda machine like a rusty knife (…we rants about the Filth a lot… we hates hates hates them…=P).

These facts, in addition to a palpable sense of impotent rage, violent catharsis, nihilistic farce, and many other post-modern existential horrors heavily informs our music. If you have a problem  with any of this, we strongly suggest you build a bridge, or just get in the fucking sea.


Not Porn.




SSavaB+W-webLOGO copy

Perennially grumpy, benefit scrounging cripple .

AKA ‘The Brute Poet’

Born: 16.08.77 [dead Elvis day].

  • drums // programming // guitar // keys // words //  mumbles // screaming // design // depression // osteoarthritis // diabetes // penis // Orc // Protection Warrior // mining // engineering.




thumper001LOGO copy

Violent bi-polar headcase.

AKA ‘Thundercunt!’

Born: 08.12.80 [dead Lennon day].

  • Bass // guitars // keys // samples // programming // found sounds // scribbles // gastroparesis // anxiety // depression // vagina //Blood Elf // Unholy Death Knight // herbalism // alchemy.


– – –

Boobs of DOOM used to be “everywhere on teh inturnetz!” but that got boring to manage, so we’re killing them all with neglect. Mostly. These survived the cull:


  • Music is primarily what we do. You’ll find it all here. Pay-what-you-want for all our albums and download sampler/tester/mixtape thingies for free. Find our smexy t-shirt/album bundles on the ‘RAGS’ page too.


  • Filling the void with jovial retweets, nonsense aboot gaming, World of WarCraft, and witty banter aboot tories shagging decapitated dead pigs. Also the best place for the impatient to get up to the minute Boobs of DOOM news. Tweets by Sadsack (mostly). Blame him.


  • We also make weird art, T-shirts, and band merch stuffs . You can get it printed on demand here.


  • ‘Like’ us, and feel better about yr tiny meaningless life.


  • Sometimes we make really shitty videos. You can find them on our youtwub channel here. Most of our back-catalogue is up here too, so you can make really weird playlists to bug yr parents/neighbours/authority figure of yr choosing….

– – –

Want to feature Boobs of DOOM in yr blog/podcast/riotgrrl fanzine? NEED ‘stuff’? Want to ask us stupid questions?



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