Boobs Of DOOM: Mutated DAW

Whilst synths and artificial programming are increasingly developing a healthy partnership with droning extremity, it’s still a rare thing that bands utilize these as primary instruments. Boobs Of DOOM, hailing from the frozen Caledonian wastelands to the north of the border, are an enigmatic duo who have tackled this very phenomenon – summoning darkened, droning landscapes from a joyous mess of loops and uncanny synthetic fuckery.

Since their inception in 2014, the duo’s punky, do-what-the-fuck-we-want-to sound and neon-inflected public image that the duo has increasingly stood out from the crowd. Between this and their prolific creative ethos, the band has garnered increasing acclaim within the extreme metal underground, most notably appearing on one of Wire Magazine’s acclaimed compilations last December.

The duo, forced to forgo conventional touring as a result of mutual illness, have instead set about tirelessly creating new material. It’s this prolific ethos that’s seen the band…

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