Holy tunblyfunting candlewank!

Our tenth (10th!) album in out soon!

on the 11th August 2017!

its called “eXXpre$$ion” and is very pink.



here’s what we said in oor pure dead pro press release thing:

Yeh so, surprise (!) its another album aboot how shite everything is. Maor grim reflections on stupit hyoomans! BOOBS OF DOOM in “miserable cunts” shocker. Etc. etc. but, y’know; this time disguised as a top-end classy shagging album, yeh? 9 tracks of pure sexual chocolate-noise. How you can you not moisten at all that PINK on display? Suck it. Ya dick. In yr ears.

charming. as with all our albums though, we recommend sitting in a dark room with yr headphones on inventing yr own narative…

we made a durty teaser vid:


RUNTIME: 1:00:43


  1. You Fucking Sheeple Make Me Sick (06:11)

  2. Nada (07:03)

  3. Aretkistapha (05:39)

  4. Friend Collectors (10:16)

  5. McHanzo Dragon Lovegun (04:31)

  6. Sleepman (11:00)

  7. tHE wOLF yOU fEED (diarchy) (04:09)

  8. All You Zombies (08:54)

  9. You May Kill Just Like A Woman But You Preach Just Like A Little Girl (02:59)

FORMAT: Digital Download / Limited Edition Pink Cassette

aye, ye read that right. limited edition Pink Cassette! weer totally giddy to let yeez all know that we’re taking the big leap into the horrors of REAL LIFEwith our first ever tangible physical PRODUCT (t-shirts don’t count. hush, tyrande). the beautiful fried minds behind OWLBINOS OF NORTHFIELD have started their own indie cassette label and they’ve a ton off cool releases planned. weer all **YAY** coz “eXXpre$$ion” is one of them. chk dem bad bois here and stalk ’em on soshul meedja:




meanwhile, back in digital interwub lala land;

in addition to our stuff going up on all the steaming services like spotify; you can now buy our tunes in all the usual suspects of digital stores. yeh, weer on itunes and deezer and amazon and juno download and and and literally hunners o others aaway and have a mad google to yrselves and see… most of these places have “eXXpre$$ion” up for pre-order too. ooh! here’s  a handy pick-yr-poison linky thyng where ye can listen to a full length version of “Nada” from the album:


Fear not, our trusty ol’ BANDCAMP ain’t going anywhere. in fact weer doing a sextiddlyuptiuos t-shirt/album bundle again and it looks kinda like this:

Boobs_of_DOOM-eXX_d00m_03-1498058737 (3)

and all our music is still up there, name-yr-price ofc. =D

lastly, follow oor random ‘eXXpre$$ions’ on twitter @DOOMboobs where weer using #BOOBSOFDOOM10 to make weird cryptic statements and thematic bollocks for the album.

okies, that’s a hyooj infodump for now. you lot go away and get all exshited. weer away for a wee lie down. weer not well people, ye know?!



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