Album Review: Stupid Cosmonaut/ Boobs of Doom split

Gallus first review!

Psych Insight Music

D’ya know what? I only put this album on to have a quick listen, and here I am forty minutes later writing a review. So what happened there? Well I think I somehow became hypnotised by the mesmeric sound of the Stupid Cosmonaut track on this split album….two bands, two (virtual) sides, two tracks., and the Boobs of Doom contribution just sealed the deal.

Stupid Cosmonaut are doing some really interesting stuff at the moment (see my review of their last album Algol). They seem like a band who is free of any musical moorings and floating through sonic spaces. There is a great sense of experimentation with their track ‘Signals From A Dying Star’, but there is also an accessibility to it. Elements of techno, electronica (from ‘Oxygene’ Jarre onwards) and space rock combine in a way that is strangely compelling; yet amidst the geiger-like regularity there’s a…

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