(((WHITE NOISE review in WIRE mag)))


Typical. We do a reviews round-up and we miss this by a gnat’s chuff.

Issue 392 of The WIRE has an awesome review of (((WHITE NOISE))) by Neil Kulkarni on page 48. Here’s a choice quote that made us grin:

“Liquid Dinosaurs” lumbers on a fabulous hollowed out thrum of slo-mo trap-funk, piles on the doom riffs and makes no attempt to make the two elements fit together, rather the effect is like hearing a battle between soundscapes that only gets resolved by your brain accepting that the oddity WORKS and being able to accept the battle itself as an entirely new genre (let’s call it DANK).


To read the full review go buy it here:


In other news: weer gearing up to unleash album #8 soon™; our infamous love-letter to World of WarCraft. Weer dead proud of this one and can’t wait to share it with everyone!

Now, weer away to buy new hats coz our heads are all bloaty and smug… =P




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