(((WHITE NOISE))) Reviews Round-Up & Stuffs!


You love us, it seems…

Snippets, below, from the overwhelmingly positive and beautifully verbose reviews that (((WHITE NOISE))) received ( click the links to go read them in full)…

” There’s an ominous feel to these tunes, and they can do that rare thing where nature and technology clash and form a weird kind of hybrid cyborg.”

“Real Dirty, Real Metalic sounding electronica …you should deffinately check them out…”

“… there is definitely a higher level of finesse to these compositions than I often hear in the drone genre. The band experiments quite successfully with a number of tones from the serene to the truly strange.”

“(((WHITE NOISE))) shows them not slowing down in the slightest. The Prog marquee facets a great many styles under its massive heading and these two have comfortably and not numbly found their place in the little corner of Technical-Doom-Scot-Post-Rock-Prog-Electronica-Industrial-Something-or-Other department.”

“…maneuvers around ambient noisy doom drone. Trippy, atmospheric and nodding to every genre with post written before it.”

“It feels as if the band are almost scared of putting too honest a face on things, so treat it as something of a joke, not wanting to risk any over-sincerity or emotional bloodletting; which is really frustrating, as what they’ve offered is so very, very good. If you can look past the presentation though, you’ll find a very special duo here, making some bleak, yet beautiful music that I more than recommend.”

“…the output of Glasgow male-female duo is remarkably focused and consistently impressive.”

“…What surprises most is that the duo seems to be completely at ease in this chaos..(tr. ITALIA).”

“…darkness, intimidation and warmth are on the agenda of this delectable seventh album. it happens also that drones vanish very briefly to calm down a possible addiction to this greasy sound.”

We also want to shout out to all these radio peeps:

Full Metal Hipster

The Séance

Adventures in Sound and Music

Geoff Leppard @ Atom Heart Mutha

The Concept




Planet of Sound

…who gave us a spin on their shows!

From the dank abyss of our wee black hearts: Thank you, everyone! (((WHITE NOISE))) has been a pure raging success as far as we’re concerned and you peeps are mostly responsible. =D

We are really happy that peeps are not just digging our music, but actually raving aboot it! Our E-peens are positively throbbing. teehee.

Give us a shout if ye see something we’ve missed, Cheers!




2 responses to “(((WHITE NOISE))) Reviews Round-Up & Stuffs!

  1. Can’t argue with good music now can ye?! Good on ye both!!! BTW….. have a wee gander here and then check out the recommendations link, ye might find a wee blurb aboot yerselves there frum yerz trooleee cos I love whut ye do and it has been inspirationally growing on me and so I no jump intae the fire empty handed noow, I’m armed to the teeth wit my geetar! Luvs and gunk to yae both! https://oddsfiche.bandcamp.com/

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