‘Holy Paraphilia!’: Remusked and kajankified

3rd album ‘Holy Paraphilia’: spit polished. Sadsack overhauled the back end, chundered the squawk, and re-sequenced the tri-optimal passé. It looks a little different, but sounds better, megamuchly. He did this because he is bored (and the shitty mix on ‘El Caminito…’ has always bugged him). He is bored because Thumper is really unwell and the BOOBS OF DOOM machine is chugging and putting along slowly. Send Thumper some heals, plz….

The album is still Pay What You Want, so grab the new version for free if you’ve already purchased it. For noobs and completists; the old mixes are still included as bonus tracks (OCD phew!!!!).

Next up: another crack at ‘Lizards of London…‘. Maybe…

Play nice,





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