…only for krazy kristmass mixtape madness though!!!!

Yeah, we did some new sampler thingies in the shape of two old-school mixtapes to reflect a couple of the many musical aspects of Boobs of DOOM. Both tapes feature a selection of tunes from our six albums released thus far, conveniently whacked into stoopid pigeon-holes like square pegs shagging durty round holes, mixed by each band member independently, just for gits and shiggles, and holes. Krismass holes.

We did one each. EACH! Two of the things, you lucky buggers!

DOOMHOP tAPE copy003_small

Sacksack did the ‘DOOM-HOP‘ tape for fans of smokey downtempo trip-hop type stuff. It kicks off with an unheard uncharacteristically upbeat early mix of ‘Falar Com Duplo Sentido‘ from ‘V‘, and ends with brand new track ‘Stormsong‘ from the work-in-progress World of Warcraft concept album (points for anyone who gets that reference…). You can get it here.


GRIMMROKK tAPE copy003small

Thumper did the ‘GRIMMROKK‘ tape for all the droney metalheads that don’t mind a wee bit of post-everything nonsense in their musical brew. It closes out with new unreleased 15 minute epic ‘Know Yr Place, Hyoomaaan!‘ which will be on the forthcoming ‘sequel’ album to ‘(((BLACK HOLE)))‘ labouring under the current working title of ‘(((WHITE NOISE)))‘ (you heard it here first, peeps). You can get it here.

Both ‘tapes’ are available to download from our Bandcamp page, priced pay-what-you-want, so you can grab it for free if you feel inclined. Just enter ‘£0’ at check out, and consider them early Crimbo pressies from us!


If you reeeeaally want to treat yrself….


Have a smoking Yule, puddings!


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