T-Shirt & Album bundles availible on Bandcamp ….finally.

Okay, after a lot of pissing aboot, we have the Boobs of DOOM T-Shirt and Album bundle deals up on Bandcamp like we wanted way back when. Just in time for Kissmas/Yule annual greedfest, kids!


You can now grab new ‘(((BLACK HOLE)))‘ and ‘V‘ designs that come with respective album downloads for £16.


We’ve gone with a company called ToneThreads whose USP is, that while they are a print-on-demand service, they fully integrate the process into your Bandcamp page. Which is a lot nicer than the ’emailing of receipts’ kerfuffle we tried to do through Redbubble.

Our Redbubble page is stilll here  and we’ll still be adding to it in the future, so don’t worry you can still get yr Boobs of DOOM throw pillows and tote bags, etc. Teehee. ToneThreads just makes it much easier for us to have a proper merch page on the Bandcamp site.

Shirts come in ‘MENS/UNISEX’ or ‘GIRLS SKINNY-FIT’ options and are available in S, M, L, XL, XXL sizes. You can check them out here, or click the ‘RAGS‘ tab on our Bandcamp page‘s new navigation bar.


Don’t know what the quality of ToneThread’s shirts are like yet (their blurb says: “ToneThreads t-shirts are always stylish fit cuts made from soft, high-quality, ring-spun cotton. No boxy, scratchy shirts here! Hoodies are a durable, warm and comfy cotton / poly blend with double-needle stitching throughout and a double-lined hood. Artwork is printed using state of the art printers with eco-friendly water-based inks that won’t fade in the wash.”), but we have ordered t-shirts for ourselves as narcissistic Yule pressies, so we’ll update when those arrive. Would also be cool to get feedback on what you guys think of the shirts (fit/fabric/colour/printing), so send us a message if you do grab one. Cheers.

Now go sit on a creepy Santa’s lap and tell him what you neeeeeeed (not greed) for Crimbo!

///Stay tuned! We’ll be doing more absurdity for Xmas á la ‘Schadenfreude: The Very Best Expression Collection‘ imminently. Fear not! it wont cost £666 this time heeeee…

Play nice.


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