Boobs of DOOM: ‘V’. Album #5 now available! AYE, MAN!

Internet cockwombles are fucking with our connectivity, so we’re just gonna chuck this out there:

Album #5 has been released! Hooray!


it’s called ‘V‘ and the tracklist looks like this:

  1. Cure for Cancer
  2. Intravenous Riot Control
  3. Hashcat
  4. Kitty and Miranda
  5. The Scunner Campbell
  6. Clown and Wolfman
  7. Ddrone / Serf 2.0
  8. Shackl’d Unicorn
  9. Falar Com Duplo Sentido
  10. The Phonometrician

As ever, it’s a concept album: a malcontented musical mirror reflecting our disgust and horror at the state our country is in, with a tiny uncharacteristic glimmer of hope for a radically better future. It clocks in at about 72 minutes. It represent the first time we have entered a recording studio proper. We recorded a fuckton of weird drum/bass/guitar/synth jams and took the resulting recordings home, chopped them up into loops and the album grew from there. We’re dead proud of it and hope peeps like it enough to part with some real cashmonies this time. C.R.E.A.M., bitches.

You can buy it here from Bandcamp. It costs 3 of yr filthy british pounds (that’s aboot 5 of yr imperialist dollars, yanqui ) LOL.

We made some groovy merchy stuff which you can buy here from Redbubble. We are trying to offer a free copy of ‘V‘ to anyone who buys one of the V-Shirts, notebooks, pencil skirts, etc. from Redbubble too. Chk the artist notes on the redbubble ‘V’ page for details/drama. This could all go horribly wrong. teehee.




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