Hauw Peeps!
We just released our new ‘single’ in aid of CARRIE’S FUND (
It’s a 40+ minute droning psychedelic avant-garde doom epic. Equal parts Pink Floyd, Sunn O))), GYBE!, and the Orb, with Trent Reznor and Lee Perry fight over the mixing desk.

The song Boobs of Doom chose for Carrie’s Fund is perfect. It’s not your typical chart topper but it explains exactly what it means to be me right now. (…) The music is dark. It is isolating. It is daunting. That is me as I lie there, my head emptier than it once was, now I have lost so many memories and so many abilities. The constant repetitive whirring every few seconds in the music is similar to the sound of my IV pump keeping me alive. A constant reminder that my life is dependent on a machine pumping nutrition directly into my bloodstream. Eventually a little spark ignites and I get a flash of something. Half an image, no faces, but something. I can vaguely remember something. But is it a real memory or is it a photo I’ve seen? Is it my memory or a story I have heard. It hovers there in my mind for a short time then fizzles away without giving me the full picture. Emptiness again as I crawl around inside my head trying to find myself. The old me is still in there somewhere. (…)*

– Carrie Beckwith-Fellows

Carrie has a rare condition causing her spine to collapse crushing her brainstem. She needs life-saving surgery which isn’t available here in the UK for her condition. She needs to raise £100k.

All proceeds from “THOR’S WOMB” will go towards Carrie’s surgery in SEPTEMBER.

At the time of writing (15/08/2018) she still has just under halfway to go and less than 3 weeks left.

Time is running out fast.

Soooo, we are using our meager contacts and following to try and raise awareness of Carrie’s plight and hopefully make a wee dent in her goal.

Sorry aboot the short notice but, frankly, we feel kinda stoopit that this concept only occurred to us so late in Carrie’s campaign. Better late than….? Well, that’s up to you peeps. We’d love it if you could write it up, review it, do a shout out, tweet, and share like crazy, but don’t forget to mention CARRIE’S FUND.

Donate :


You can stream THOR’S WOMB (and it’s b-side psychodrone remix “Loki’s Gift”) to infinity at our Bandcamp for reviewing purposes. There’s a freebie radio edit excerpt thing up there too. Feel free to slut that around with our blessing. And if ye find yrself poor-as-fuck: it will probably go NYP after Carrie’s campaign. Until then dig dem pockets deep!



B00BS 0F D00M – 10. eXXpre​$​$​ion.

Yeah I Know It Sucks B00BS 0F D00M
10. eXXpre​$​$​ion.
doom experimental scottish dank dark ambient dark dub drone metal electro electrodoom instrumental post-metal post-rock psychedelic stoner trip metal trip-hop United Kingdom

This album and music recommendation isn’t for the wussy people out there, this is one for the ones that feel tough and rough, or need a bit of that hobbling of power in their guts the music-way! With tough nastiness, big beats and unforgiving hate these B00BS 0F D00M burp and growl their thick intoxicating psychedelic dangers to whoever dares to listen! Hey, is that you? Let’s wave to each other!

These Boobs of Doom don’t come across as very nice and don’t think they love you the slightest bit; they probably hate my and your guts, but that’s that special kind of thing that makes this release so good: B00BS 0F D00M don’t give a fuck! And why…

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eXXpre$$ion” is out now! cram it’s pinky goodness in yr ears:

Download digital on bandcamp, itunes, amazon, google play, juno download and a crapton of other music stores. stream it on spotify, napster, deezer, apple music and a cowload of others … here a linky thing:

Limited edition cassette will be released later this year on ODD CHORUS! we’ll let yeez know soon as, aye?

some snippets of what peeps have been saying aboot it so far:

“The music on this album is strange, but immersive, electronic but doomy… There are some brilliant tunes to be found here. If you’re into bands like Black Dice, Scorn, Kompressor and so on, you need this album.” read more…

“doomy but lots of fun… this is some seriously mucked up music, a massive bass riff supported by some noises which sound like the BBC Radiophonic Workshop’s just had a severe meltdown. BM truly does fear for Dr Who and the rest with this lot… very impressive and clearly all the better for being the products of diseased minds.”

“…the mix of the contemporaneous beats with nods back to the pioneers of electronic music and all wrapped up in a fog of pessimism bordering on the sepulchral at times. It’s not for everyone I know, but anyone with a liking for experimental music or those bored with the current state of electronic music (IDM be damned!) will get a great deal from this.” read more…

“eXXpre$$ion is, dare I say it, the sexiest album these guys have made yet. This album has a lot more subtlety and is less harsh then their previous outings, dare I say it’s even pretty catchy at times? There are some dub vibes, some nice synths that weave spellbinding rhythms throughout, but it’s all still coated in a classic apocalyptic layer, courtesy of Boobs Of Doom. Because if I have to name one thing that connects all their releases, it’s the way these songs feel, the way they crawl forth through the desolate landscape they created. It’s lovely, haunting, and scary, all at the same time.” read more…

“The glitchy distortions of their compositions give the music a foreboding vision of the future through which a deep bass-line grinds as though destroying everything in its path while sparking arcs of electronics shatter leaving a sense of wanton destruction and industrial wasteland left in their trail.”

“‘eXXpre$$ion’ is the band’s tenth album, and is a rich mixture of urban beats, drones and industrial sounds… all of which come together into a marvellously cranky and freakish mélange that (strangely maybe) reminded me of the later work of two members of Pop Will Eat Itself. It has the complex wackiness of Richard Marsh’s Bentley Rhythm Ace and the sheer darkness of some of Clint Mansell’s work, most notably for me the ‘Requiem for a Dream’ soundtrack.” read more…

” If WOW is Dead was Boobs of Doom’s Downward Spiral, eXXpre$$ion is their Ghosts. Their last release featured a wider range and darker tone than ever before, but this one brings a higher consistency and increased replayability than anything else they have created thus far… Listening to eXXpre$$ion makes me want to put on dark sunglasses and a leather jacket. I feel like a badass who doesn’t feel the need to tell people he’s a badass. Cigarettes don’t make you look cool…Boobs of Doom is what’s in this summer.” read more …

also check oot some interviews we did:

Astral Noize had a chat with SADSACK aboot how we work:

Moshville Times Made us bands of the day and asked great silly questions:

thanks tons to everyone for the love and support! we hope yeez all love it even half as much as these mad cunts…


eXXpre$$ion” is dedicated to BIFFY , the original hashcat (2003-2017). she was omnipresent on SADSACK’s lap for the majority of BOOBS OF DOOM sessions. she was soo cool we wrote a song about her:

Rest in peace lil’ kitty. we miss you like STOOPIDCRAZY.



what? you wanted a happy ending? wrong band. sorry…



Boobs Of DOOM: Mutated DAW

Whilst synths and artificial programming are increasingly developing a healthy partnership with droning extremity, it’s still a rare thing that bands utilize these as primary instruments. Boobs Of DOOM, hailing from the frozen Caledonian wastelands to the north of the border, are an enigmatic duo who have tackled this very phenomenon – summoning darkened, droning landscapes from a joyous mess of loops and uncanny synthetic fuckery.

Since their inception in 2014, the duo’s punky, do-what-the-fuck-we-want-to sound and neon-inflected public image that the duo has increasingly stood out from the crowd. Between this and their prolific creative ethos, the band has garnered increasing acclaim within the extreme metal underground, most notably appearing on one of Wire Magazine’s acclaimed compilations last December.

The duo, forced to forgo conventional touring as a result of mutual illness, have instead set about tirelessly creating new material. It’s this prolific ethos that’s seen the band…

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Holy tunblyfunting candlewank!

Our tenth (10th!) album in out soon!

on the 11th August 2017!

its called “eXXpre$$ion” and is very pink.



here’s what we said in oor pure dead pro press release thing:

Yeh so, surprise (!) its another album aboot how shite everything is. Maor grim reflections on stupit hyoomans! BOOBS OF DOOM in “miserable cunts” shocker. Etc. etc. but, y’know; this time disguised as a top-end classy shagging album, yeh? 9 tracks of pure sexual chocolate-noise. How you can you not moisten at all that PINK on display? Suck it. Ya dick. In yr ears.

charming. as with all our albums though, we recommend sitting in a dark room with yr headphones on inventing yr own narative…

we made a durty teaser vid:


RUNTIME: 1:00:43


  1. You Fucking Sheeple Make Me Sick (06:11)

  2. Nada (07:03)

  3. Aretkistapha (05:39)

  4. Friend Collectors (10:16)

  5. McHanzo Dragon Lovegun (04:31)

  6. Sleepman (11:00)

  7. tHE wOLF yOU fEED (diarchy) (04:09)

  8. All You Zombies (08:54)

  9. You May Kill Just Like A Woman But You Preach Just Like A Little Girl (02:59)

FORMAT: Digital Download / Limited Edition Pink Cassette

aye, ye read that right. limited edition Pink Cassette! weer totally giddy to let yeez all know that we’re taking the big leap into the horrors of REAL LIFEwith our first ever tangible physical PRODUCT (t-shirts don’t count. hush, tyrande). the beautiful fried minds behind OWLBINOS OF NORTHFIELD have started their own indie cassette label and they’ve a ton off cool releases planned. weer all **YAY** coz “eXXpre$$ion” is one of them. chk dem bad bois here and stalk ’em on soshul meedja:

meanwhile, back in digital interwub lala land;

in addition to our stuff going up on all the steaming services like spotify; you can now buy our tunes in all the usual suspects of digital stores. yeh, weer on itunes and deezer and amazon and juno download and and and literally hunners o others aaway and have a mad google to yrselves and see… most of these places have “eXXpre$$ion” up for pre-order too. ooh! here’s  a handy pick-yr-poison linky thyng where ye can listen to a full length version of “Nada” from the album:

Fear not, our trusty ol’ BANDCAMP ain’t going anywhere. in fact weer doing a sextiddlyuptiuos t-shirt/album bundle again and it looks kinda like this:

Boobs_of_DOOM-eXX_d00m_03-1498058737 (3)

and all our music is still up there, name-yr-price ofc. =D

lastly, follow oor random ‘eXXpre$$ions’ on twitter @DOOMboobs where weer using #BOOBSOFDOOM10 to make weird cryptic statements and thematic bollocks for the album.

okies, that’s a hyooj infodump for now. you lot go away and get all exshited. weer away for a wee lie down. weer not well people, ye know?!


Boobs of DOOM now on Spotify.

the fruits of our digital distro deal come to um, …fruition!

we’re finally up on SPOTIFY, so ‘dem wot did’ can stop moaning at us aboot our absence from one of the world largest streaming services ..or something. jeez.

find us here:

if yr super lazy SADSACK made a playlist that includes our split with space-age stunnas STUPID COSMONAUT.


enjoy! or whatever it is you do with our music…


Gimp Gash’s ‘MOTEL’ comp out now (feat. Boobs of DOOM & fuckton of others)!


hard to put it more succinctly that that headline but, yeah, terrornoizer Gimp Gash has curated massive compo designed to be absorbed on one sitting; a freaky soundtrack to an afternoon; background noise weird night, yup.

somewhere in there you’ll get hit up with a nice mix of sadness and sleaze that is the totally new Boobs of DOOM joint: ‘pay-per-view’

dig it.

MOTEL  is out now get it here: